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Approach / How we think

+ Added value

We have the ability to understand the potential locked within your property, and the skills to unlock it. We aim to maximise this potential with carefully considered spaces and exceptional finishes, all to meet your requirements. Develop with us the home of your dreams or make your investment idea happen.

+ Client centred approach

We believe that it is our collaborative approach to design makes it successful. So we trust you will enjoy working with us.

+ Technology

We aim to use new technologies and social media to help with presenting clearly our ideas to our clients. We are also always searching for new ideas and technologies whilst ensuring that the main design concept is carried through. 

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+ Process

While each design evolves in its own way, we organise the process by following the design stages in the RIBA Plan of Work 2013. This sets clear milestones during the projectto allow for effective planning and monitoring of progress.

+ Distinctive service

We have the experience and expertise to see your project through successfully  from concept sketch through to completion. We ensure the delivery of a quality product that meets your ambitions and your budget. We provide peace of mind with a personal service.


+ Local expertise

We are familiar with working in London and local counties, and we understand the  complexities of working on London properties, with neighbours in close proximity.

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+ Approachability and communication

We work in a relaxed environment and place communication at the centre of our process.  We believe that the key to a successful project is good communication and we take time to listen to our clients throughout the life of the project. We hope that by the end of the process we will know about your passions and you will know about ours.

+ Who we work with is important

We have developed a pool of collaborators that consists of excellent quality designers, consultants, suppliers, contractors and other professionals, who will take great care and joy in working on your project.

+ Sustainability

We pride ourself on integrating sustainable strategies into your design wherever possible from the outset. We approach each project with the aim of creating a cost effective solution that will have minimal impact on the environment, from minimising waste to reducing energy consumption.

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