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Which extension is right for you?

Every extension has pros and cons, there are keys points to consider for each option.

Single height extension at rear


+ creating connection with your garden

+ economical


- it will eat up your garden

- con darken the rooms in middle of the house because deepening footprint (consider adding enough glazing to bring sufficient light in)

Double height extension at rear


+ allows to add extra room or bathroom on top of rear extension

+ economies of scale (add more rooms withpout doubling cost)


- planning might be more difficult to obtain

Basement extension


+ can add lots of space to your home without loosing external space

+ cheaper than moving to bigger home

+ underpinning can stabilise existing building

+waterproofing and insulating make the building more energy efficient

+ good solution for adding self contained area

+ quiet spaces


- cost

- complexity

- lack of view

- lack of light

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